Giant Props

Spur Creative have a great track record of making giant props for a variety of events, theatre productions, art installations and promotional campaigns. Giant props are a great way to advertise your product because of their immediate impact in any given setting.

How we make our giant props 

We tend to sculpt in polystyrene and coat with a hard coat for giant props though we have moulded and cast if multiples are required. We design our giant props to be easily assembled or disassembled, and readily transportable. The games characters we made for Microsoft had to be flown to LA for the E3 Games Expo so we sculpted them and then moulded and cast them in fibreglass and they were made to come apart in sections so that they could fit inside bespoke made flight cases; when they were put back together the joins had to be seamless so we bonded mannequin fittings in the casts to ensure a snug fit. giant props microsoft sculpture fibreglass props prunier-champagne KRAVE7 28 November 2016 London: World Darts Champion Gary Anderson looks ahead the the William Hill World Darts Championship that will take place from December 15-January 2 at London's Alexandra Palace, >>>>>FREE PICTURE FOR ALL MEDIA OUTLETS<<<<   Our giant props have been used to promote movies, to introduce a new brand or product, as point of sale props, to raise buyer awareness in a retail setting, to promote a new ride at Alton Towers and as part of an art installation at Tate Modern. We made a giant ‘magic tap’ for a company showing at The Boat Show, the tap had to look as though it was magically suspended in mid-air with water pouring from the spout. Not only was this a great visual impact because of its size but also the added bonus of real water really gave this prop an amazing presence at the show. As with all giant props, the huge presence really gives a boost to your brand, product or promotion   giant props birdman sculpture brighton cinema

Notable showcases of our giant props have included: 

  • A giant tap for the Boat Show
  • Giant toy soldier props and giant crayon props for Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • Giant prop cartoon characters for Cartoon Network.
  • Giant dart for William Hill World Darts Championship
  • Giant t-shirts for 500 Days of Summer film marketing campaign.
  • Giant trees for The National Theatre and Glyndebourne Opera
  • 60 giant moths which were painted by artists and placed around UK cities to celebrate Amy Johnson’s 1930’s solo flight from UK to Australia in her Gipsy Moth aeroplane
  • Microsoft games characters for E3 Games Expo held annually in Los Angeles
  • Giant Birdman sculptures to promote the Oscar nominated movie Birdman
  • Giant Krave piece used to promote a new ride at Alton Towers