The most iconic movie props of all time

When talking about the biggest films of the last 100 years, we think of either the gripping plot or the cast. In most instances it’s both. But we don’t often think about the props that made the film. And some films have props to thank for their success.

So, as our tip of the hat to these famous film props, we’ve listed some of the most iconic in film history.

The Delorean – Back to the Future

This is possibly the most famous movie prop of all time, and now one of the most recognisable cars ever. The time machine instantly made Delorean cars popular and sought after, but they didn’t have a smooth start. Only 9,000 of the cars were made before production was halted in 1983.

The Fedora – Indiana Jones

The world’s most famous hat. Would the film have done well without it? Sure. But the character wouldn’t be anywhere near as recognisable. The fedora was supplied by Herbert Johnson Hatters in England for the first three films, and the fourth (not-so popular amongst diehard fans) was made by Adventurebilt Hat Company of Columbus.

The lightsaber – Star Wars

The lightsaber is the coolest weapon in the history of film, and one of the coolest props to grace our screens. While the blade itself is superimposed on, the hilts are real, and today people pay thousands for exact replicas.

The originals we constructed from old press camera flash battery packs and other pieces of hardware.

Wilson – Castaway

This prop was a plot driver more than anything. It allowed Chuck Noland, the castaway, to explore dialogue that would have been impossible without the use of an imaginary friend. One of the original volleyballs used in the film was sold for $18,500 to the ex-CEO of FedEx.

You can buy your very own Wilson, on the Wilson sports website.

The Ring – Lord of the Rings

The One Ring to rule them all is an artefact that’s central to the plot in J.R.R Tolkeins Lord of the Rings. The ring for the films was designed and created by Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith in Nelson, New Zealand. There’s nothing particularly special or interesting about the way it looks, but it’s still an iconic prop that we couldn’t leave off the list.

Can you think of any other iconic film props? If so, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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