Prop Making

   Our prop makers use a wide range of techniques to create high quality props and sculptures. We can sculpt with polystyrene and clay, then coat with a hard coat or mould and cast in fibreglass. Our props are treated with the utmost respect and that includes every stage of their development from concept through to painting the props in our purpose built spray booth. We work with foam and wood, metal and plastics, we can make anything and paint the finished props with an amazing effect.

prop making seagulls      prop making Ralph lauren house

Our prop makers and carpenters have a vast array of skills and treat their job as a calling rather than as just a job, we have all chosen to do this because it’s what we love. Our team consists of painters, carpenters and artists who trained at some of the top art colleges and universities in the UK and abroad.

If you need a vacuum formed prop, we can do it, if it’s a one off fibreglass sculpture or a metal sculpture, or a wooden stage set, we can do it.  Take a look through the gallery to see examples of past work

prop making ralph lauren snowman      prop making ralph lauren sandcastle