Mini Birdman

Birdman Miniature Sculptures

We made 1500 of these Birdman sculptures for a new movie that opened at the Venice Film festival recently starring Michael Keaton and Ed Norton, it’s opened in USA now and opens here in feb next year. We worked on prototypes about a year ago and they were sent to the states for the film director, producers etc to see. The last one was sent to Mr Keaton himself who was the one to give the go ahead if he liked it, and he liked it so much he kept it.They were handed out at the festival and were greatly received starring in blogs worldwide and mentioned on the news, also a double paged spread in Empire magazine only last week. We sculpted the original, moulded and cast them all by hand, then each one of the 1500 were hand painted here in our studio. He stands on a plinth which, when a button is pressed, makes the figure talk and he says 5 lines from the movie, it is actually Michael Keatons voice that was recorded and sent to us in a wav file. Every single Birdman was then labelled on the underside, written by hand “1 of 1500, 2 of 1500 and so on up to 1500 of 1500, made in London” The brief was that these were to be a very limited edition and they were not to look like they had been factory produced.

Take a look at some of the kind words our client said about our work:

We have worked with spur creative on numerous projects over the years and have always found them easy to deal with and utterly professional. Whenever we are asked to source something fantastic I always go to Spur first and will continue to do so because their work is impeccable, which inevitably reflects well on us when dealing with our own clients.


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